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Sponsors, Advertisements, Friends
Concert Festival is pleased to present an opportunity for businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor our talented performers,
gifted artist awards and concerts. The sponsorships can be made in monetary donations and in-kind form.

As gratitude for the generous gift, a sponsor will receive benefits from Concert Festival. Such benefits include but are not limited to
advertisement of the sponsor on the official Concert Festival website, programs, magazines and other printed materials. Furthermore, those
who sponsor gifts toward scholarships and awards will be honorably mentioned in the programs.

Sponsorship Form

Our advertising reaches young musicians, their families, teachers, public and private schools as well as music conservatories in the
United States, Canada and abroad.
Our concerts take place in the finest venues including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.
The concerts draw large audiences of professional musicians and music enthusiasts from the Tri-state area as well as foreign visitors.
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North Shore Symphony Orchestra