Li-Pi Hsieh
Li-Pi Hsieh, pianist, was born in Taiwan where she began her early musical studies. While on concert
tour in the Orient, renowned American pianist Richard Goode heard her play and suggested that she
come to New York, where she continued her studies with him. Ms.Hsieh also studied with other
famous pianists Claude Frank and Peter Serkin, and chamber music with Felix Galimir and Klaus
Adam. Ms. Hsieh has performed both as a soloist and in chamber music groups in America, Canada,
Europe and Asia. She has also collaborated with Cassatt, Manhattan, Sequoia String Quartets and
with such artists as Cho-Liang Lin and Aaron Rosand.

Her recordings include interpretations of the sonatas of Beethoven, Brahams and Debussy with
German violinist Wolfram Konig. She has participated in festivals in Ost-Friesland, Germany and
Norfolk, CT and in the Arkandor festival in Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia. Ms. Hsieh has taught piano at
Mt.Holyoke College, Smith College and Choate Rosemary Hall. Ms. Hsieh currently resides in
Stamford, Connecticut USA where she conducts piano classes at her studio between concert