Jeong-Yoon Park

Educated in South Korea and Germany, she holds a Ph.D. in music from the Hochscule fur Musik
in Wuerzburg, Germany, a Master's from Detmold, Germany, and a BA degree from Seoul National
University. Ms. Park's artistry has been recognized with several awards, including a
First Prize in the Korean Times Competition and the Tibor Varga Scholarship from the Swiss Lion's Club.

An active performer and recitalist, she has appeared with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra,
as Principal Cellist with the Seoul Metropolitan Orchestra, as soloist with the Seoul Metropolitan Youth
Orchestra, and with the Yewon Orchestra and Detmold Kammerorchstra. She has also been a faculty
member in the Gloville Conservatory of Dongduk Women's University and is currently on the faculty
of the Long Island Conservatory.

1990 First Place, Korean Times Competition, Korea
1993 First Place Graduation, Seoul Arts High School, Korea
1997 B.A. by Chung-Sim Baik, Seoul National University, Korea
2002 M.A. (Diplom) by Marcio Carneiro, Hochschule fuer Musik in Detmold, Germany
2005 Ph.D.(Meisterklassendiplom) Hochscule fuer Musik in Wuerzburg, Germany
2006 Faculty, Dongduk Women's University, Korea
Principal Cellist, Seoul Metropolitan Orchestra,Korea
Present Principal Cellist, North Shore Symphony Orchestra, NY, USA
Present Faculty, Long Island Conservatory, NY, USA