Updated 06-21-2014
The Concert Festival, celebrating it’s Fifth Season, offers the unique opportunity
for young musicians, composers and teachers to participate in various Concerts,
Competitions, Showcases and Master Classes. These events take place in the
world’s most prestigious concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center
and Russia’s renowned St. Petersburg Conservatory.        
Pianists, Instrumentalists (Classical and Traditional Folk), Vocalists and
Chamber Ensembles are welcome!

"I cordially welcome all the participants of such a large-scale musical event,
which is Concert Festival. Encouraging interest in classical music, maintaining
and developing the performing traditions of music-making at all levels - a great
initiative that promotes not only professional but also the cultural and spiritual
growth of our youth."
- Mikhail Gantvarg, Rector of the St. Petersburg Conservatory

"Warm greetings to the young talented musicians, to the highly professional
and creative teachers, the organizers and jury members of this wonderful event.
I believe the musical culture that nurtured the organizers of this Festival will pass
on to the young participants and enrich their creative spirit, as well as, boost their
desire for high professional achievements."
- Sergei Slonimsky, Composer

"I cannot thank Concert Festival enough for all it has done for my children and
others, and continue to do for youth and music and the arts. Our girls have had
a great experience. Thank you for your time and dedication."
- N.P.